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Handcarved Brooms

Beautiful. Functional. Magical.

We partnered with one of the best broom makers in Oregon, Scheumack Broom Co. to bring you these amazing functional pieces of art.

These brooms are made entirely by hand of  100% broom corn that is locally harvested and organically dyed.

The kiln-dried hardwood sticks used for the handles are then carved by Doug with tree spirits, gnomes, and dwarves, and also embellished with pyrography designs. 

The carved brooms are available in four different colors ( natural, rust, mixed, and black) and three different styles: kitchen brooms (also known as flat shaker brooms), besom brooms (also known as witches brooms), and hearth brooms.
You can use them on outside decks, the garage, or hardwood floors. They sweep better and last longer than commercial brooms.
Do you have a design in mind you would love to see carved on the handle? Send us a message and Doug can work with you to bring your idea to life!

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