Congratulations, you have taken an important step to attract a big diversity of birds to your backyard! 

Listed below are some tips on how to hang a bird house: 

-Hang your birdhouse preferably during late summer or early fall to give birds plenty of time to locate them.  
– No matter which birds will be using the house, you must be able to access the house regularly for proper cleaning and to monitor any hatchlings. If possible, mount the house where there is sturdy, level ground below if a stool or ladder will be required to reach it. 
If you are hanging it from a tree, keep in mind that squirrels and cats may have easy access to it. 
– Birdhouses placed under overhangs will see less sun and rain. Hence, they will last longer. The entrance hole should always be facing away from prevailing winds to help protect delicate hatchlings from stiff breezes away and to keep rain from entering the house. 

– Usually, only 1-2 birdhouses may be in use in one yard at the same time. Mounting several houses, however, will give birds a greater selection for choosing the location they prefer and will increase the chances of birds nesting in the yard, even if not every house is used at once while it offers the advantage of allowing more birds of varied species to peacefully coexist within the same habitat. 
– Avoid placing birdhouses in close proximity to bird feeders and birdbaths as smaller songbirds may feel threatened from larger predators. 
– Provide nesting materials to help encourage birds to use your birdhouse. Nesting materials include: pine needles, feathers, twigs and sticks, dead grass, yarn, string, thread, etc. 

Check the birdhouse after the nesting season is over and empty out any nesting materials. Leave it up through fall and winter as a roost box or extra shelter for migratory birds during winter.

To prolong the life of your birdhouse, you can also spray it with a non-toxic sealer coating once a year.


Mounting your birdhouse is simple and easy:
Use the hardware provided, and make sure the screw/nail protrudes 3/4″ to 1″ and slide the birdhouse onto the nail. The following heights are the ideal ranges to mount your birdhouse:
Chickadees – 5-15′ (2-5 m) 
Nuthatches – 5-18′ (2-6 m) 
Titmice – 5-10′ (2-3 m) 
Wrens – 6-10′ (2-3 m) 

The major factor that will determine what specie will nest on a particular property is the habitat surrounding the birdhouse. Birds tend to use birdhouses in places they feel comfortable. Therefore, if birds are not using your birdhouse, it might be time to try a new location.  Don’t get discouraged if they don’t come right away, it takes some trial and error. It may take a season for birds to find your birdhouse but once they do, they will come back year after year!