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Our whimsical and functional creations are inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and designed to bring joy

and magic into your everyday life.

We hope you enjoy exploring our work!


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May Events

Find us here!

Puyallup Farmers Market

May 11 | 9am-2pm

Pioneer Park

330 S Meridian,

Puyallup, WA 

Maple Valley Farmers Market

May 18 | 9am-2pm

Legacy Park

25719 Maple Valley Black Diamond Rd SE Maple Valley, WA

Issaquah Farmers Market

May 25 | 9am-2pm

Pickering Barn

1730 10th Ave NW,

Issaquah, WA 98027

Birdhouse features


All birdhouses are built using reclaimed wood, driftwood, tree branches, rocks, natural moss, fungi, and lichen that have been responsibly gathered and naturally preserved. 


Every detail displayed in the birdhouses, like mushrooms, tree spirits, gnomes and other creatures, is hand carved by Doug out of driftwood, cottonwood bark or cedar branches.


Rustic and fully functional, our birdhouses provide a safe and adequate environment for birds to nest and roost.

Birdhouse 2


Each birdhouse includes ventilation holes to circulate fresh air and prevent it from getting too hot during those hot summer days. They also have drainage holes to allow  any rainwater that sweeps in to escape, preventing it to mold and keeping birds safe and dry.
The  1 ¼” diameter hole used is ideal for all small bird varieties like nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, house wrens, juncos, warblers, finches, and more.


A clean-out door is added to the side of the birdhouses for easy access and proper cleaning once the visitors have left. Some birds use nest boxes as roost sites when the breeding season is over so your birdhouses might see double duty as roost sites during winter. 


A fixing hole is added to the back of the birdhouses so they can be placed on a tree, a fence or a wall, and each also comes with the proper mounting hardware and instructions so you can hang them properly.Also, a round metal predator guard is attached to the entrance hole, to keep predators away from vulnerable eggs, nestlings, and even incubating females.


TheWood Spirits

Tree spirits & other fantastic creatures

Across cultures, the Wood Spirit represents a deep connection to the land, a reverence for the cycles of life, and a reminder of our inherent bond with the wilderness, the natural world, and all its inhabitants.  

In Nordic culture, the Wood Spirit, known as Skogsrå, reigns supreme as the guardian of the woods, while Rådande or Löfjerskor are the guardians of the trees they reside in, rewarding those who care for it and punishing any who harm it.

In Germanic culture, it is known as Waldgeist, and commands reverence as the silent sentinel of the forest, watching over the woodland realm. It is said he brings good luck to those who spot him in the trees when passing through the forest

When carving wood spirits, I can see shapes and faces hiding beneath every piece of wood or tree bark and its weathered surface.

It is my mission to heed the wisdom of these ancient guardians, honoring the sacredness of the forests, and revealing those faces and expressions. 

Tree spirits, gnomes, dwarves, faeries, elves, trolls, fawns, giants, dragons, and all the forest folk.

I try to listen to their silent whispers and age-old wisdom, guiding me on a journey of discovery and connection with the wild heart of the earth.

Join me in celebrating the timeless allure of the Wood Spirits, and let their presence inspire you to cherish and protect the wilderness and nature that sustains us all.