Whimsical & Functional homes for birds of all feathers

Our birdhouses are one of a kind. quirky. unique. whimsical. functional.

We create unique birdhouses that you can hang outside to attract birds to your
backyard or display anywhere you like as a focal piece and conversation starter! 

These birdhouses are not just whimsical and rustic, they are also
fully functional
, providing a safe and adequate environment for the birds to
nest and roost.

Visit our shop on Etsy for a one of a kind birdhouse that will attract birds to your yard and keep them coming back year after year, or keep scrolling down to learn more about us, our story, and our birdhouses.

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about our birdhouses


Each one of our birdhouses is carefully handcrafted following the Cornell Lab of Ornithology guidelines, as to provide a proper & safe environment for the birds. The size of the entrance hole depends on the size of the bird that the birdhouse is created for.
Most of our birdhouses are designed and built with the small
backyard song birds of the Pacific Northwest in mind, more specifically the ones we find here in WA State, but they are actually suitable for all small songbirds. The 1 1/4” diameter holes used are ideal for all small bird varieties like: 
Nuthatches ,black-capped chickadees,tufted titmouse, house wrens, juncos, warblers, finches and more.
On occasion we also build custom birdhouses designed for all sorts of birds.
Have a bird in mind?
Send me an email and I will work with you to build a birdhouse that is just what you need!
Some of our customers think the birdhouses are just to cool to hang them outdoor and opt to display them on the porch or even inside as decoration and conversation piece!

Proper ventilation & more

Each birdhouse includes ventilation holes to circulate fresh air and prevent it from getting too hot during those hot summer days. 
They also have drainage holes to allow  any rainwater that sweeps in to escape, preventing it to mold and keeping birds safe and dry.

Ready to display

A fixing hole is added to the back of the birdhouses so they can be placed on a tree, a fence or a wall, and each also come with the proper mounting hardware and instructions so you can hang them properly.
Easy peasy!

Easy to clean

A clean-out door is added either to the the side, back or bottom of the birdhouses depending on the model and size, for easy access and proper cleaning once the visitors have left.
Some birds use nest boxes as roost sites after the breeding season is over so your birdhouses might see double duty as roost sites during winter. 

proudly made in the pnw

Two Birds in a Pod was born of my passion for birds, nature, art and the Pacific Northwest.

I build all the birdhouses  here at home, in my garage/shop. When you buy one or receive one in the mail, you know it’s proudly made right here in Tacoma, WA.

I use a whole plethora of recycled materials on the birdhouses:
from reclaimed wood, driftwood, scrap metals to recycled hardware and old silverware, sea glass & broken pottery, to name a few.

I also use tree branches, twigs, rocks, real moss, fungi and lichen that  are responsibly harvested and naturally preserved .
All the flowers, cattails ,miniature trees displayed in the birdhouses are carved by me, out of cedar branches.
I am always striving to build beautiful birdhouses with unique designs.
Feel free to send me an email if you ever see room for improvement or have some amazing ideas!


the birdhouse "ninjaneer"

My name is Doug West and I am an artist who loves the outdoors and all things creative, and also loves to build birdhouses!

I can’t even remember a time when I was not interested in art. From a very early age, it has been an integral part of my life.
My earliest and biggest influences were both my younger brother Luke, and my older brother Steve, both artists with amazing talent.
Both have encouraged me to create art but most of what I know about sculpting and painting I learned from Steve.
I have always had a deep connection to nature and this reflects heavily in my art and basically everything I do.
As a young boy, I was always collecting things and bringing them home – leaves, branches, twigs, rocks and bugs…anything I could find. And I still do this, the difference is that now they have a well defined purpose in my birdhouses!
I often find myself inspired by these little things I stumble across, and that sets a creative process going. I start working on it  and the whole thing takes a life of its own. Once the overall idea of  how I want the birdhouse is defined, I start to tweak it here and there and add the details – I am a stickler for even the smallest detail.
If I can’t find what I want I will carve it, be it a little flower, a cattail, a mushroom, grass or little trees. I appreciate how every birdhouse has a personality of it’s own.
I hope you enjoy, and definitely hope you find a  birdhouse you love and feel like you can share with your friends and family!

Follow the wise bird to see more of Doug's art!

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."

John Muir

Our Story

They say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.
When a neighbor had to replace his wooden fence, Doug just couldn’t bring himself to watch all that beautiful grainy and weathered wood be thrown away. He brought home all the wood boards and stored in the backyard by the garage. 
One day, as he was refilling the bird feeders in the backyard he had an aha moment: birdhouses!
He got to work right away and built a few birdhouses  out of that old wood, and we displayed them all over the backyard. Soon enough neighbors and friends were asking him to build them custom ones.
From then on  his creativity blossomed taking a different form and shape in every birdhouse built. 


We are a duo of creative people always striving to do better.


dream alchemist & Birdhouse ninjaneer

Envisions and builds the birdhouses, from the selection, cleaning and preparation of the wood to the construction and final touches.
Keeps it fun, drinks lots of coffee and never ceases to amaze.


Birdhouse trainee assistant & happiness manager

Handles orders and packaging, respond to inquiries, maintains website and Etsy shop and all social media platforms. Makes sure there’s always fresh coffee.
“Happiness thy name is coffee.” 


the mascot

He is a true PNW’s child and was adopted in Whistler,Canada.
He is our constant companion and makes everything fun around the shop: shares our love for the outdoors, travelling, and discovering new places.
He also loves Football!

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“One touch of nature

makes the whole world kin.” 

– William Shakespeare

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